For the design of a new teddybear numerous studies and model drafts are made. Many of these are never mass-produced and are simply a step in the development of a new design. They are all uniquely designed and no two are alike. These teddy bears are made with the best of care and dedication. We want to share these exclusive treasures with all our friends of GRISLY teddy bears. Therefore we will auction off these unique models from our design studio. With each of these bears you will receive a handsigned certificate of authenticity, which guarantees its uniqueness.

We are using ebay for this auction. If you want to participate for the first time, please read our short description of the most important rules.

We run our auction in english or german language. Independently from the language of each auction we always ship to the whole world. Therefore please feel free to participate in any auction you like. All our currently running auctions you find here:

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