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Visitors of GRISLY Spielwaren in Kirchheimbolanden, a small German town 50 miles northwest of Heidelberg and southwest of Frankfurt, are always surprised. Instead of the factory building they would have expected, they find there an ordinary looking house. But once inside it becomes clear that this is a far more important place: since the foundation of the company in 1954, it is the birthplace of GRISLY teddy bears.

All GRISLY products are manufactured in the factory and residential building in Kirchheimbolanden. It is the philosophy of the GRISLY company to manufacture its toys in the best way possible, using only materials of high quality. Thus, all products are made of the best German mohair and all are traditionally handmade in Germany.

The main emphasis of production is still put on classical teddy bears, which reflects the company's commitment to tradition. But also the other classics of the children's room like pets, animals of the zoo, or glove puppets, musical animals, and string drawn animals on wheels are manufactured with loving care, by experienced hands under the GRISLY trademark.

The classic appearance of GRISLY bears is mirrored in their production. Entering the workrooms, one has the feeling of being in a museum at first glance. Work done by hand plays a major role in the production process; the machines, which are only sparsely available anyway, appear antiquated. Tradition has therefore a determining influence on the production techniques. For example, all the joints of the teddy bears and animals are made of cotter pins and cardboard disks; fastened by hand as it has always been done.

Contrary to the "bear battery farming" in Asia, at Grisly not only the production, but also the raising and tending of the cuddly guys is done by hand, as an early picture of Daniela Lederle, manager of GRISLY's, shows. Usually, the young teddy bears are nursed by older bears. But due to a high demand and a therefore increased production, some of the small bears have to be bottle-fed. In this case Mrs. Lederle herself lends a hand, taking care of the bears personally.

Production Grisly Trademark Awards Artists Bears History

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