GRISLY-Teddy wins Toby Award !!!
(February 19th, 2004)

Again great news! Only a few days after TED Worldwide and Golden Teddy Award GRISLY is winning the Toby Award, Industries Choice, with two of its 2004 novelties:

  • Hans, Anniversary Edition "50 Years GRISLY", designed by Richard van Aalst
  • Micha designed by Daniela Lederle

GRISLY wins TED Worldwide !!!
(7. Februar 2004)

The GRISLY-Teddybear Vreni designed by Janet Reeves wins the TED Worldwide Award.

GRISLY nominated for the Golden Teddy Award !!!
(3. Februar 2004)

The GRISLY-Teddybear Kiko designed by Susan R. Geary has been nominated for the Golden Teddy Award.

New teddy bear artist is designing for GRISLY: Mayumi Hosooka
(2. Februar 2004)

For the first time this year, the internationally well-known japanese teddybear artist Mayumi Hosooka is designing teddybears for GRISLY. With her two new lovely designs Janie and Morichu she ads her own distinctive style to the GRISLY assortment.

GRISLY feiert seinen 50. Geburtstag !!!
(Januar 2004)

The production of teddy bears has a long tradition in Krichheimbolanden. GRISLY was founded by Karl Theodor Unfricht in 1954. The company started with a collection of teddy bears and soft toys designed by his wife Luise Unfricht. With the active help from all family members the success everybody had hoped for was realized really fast. GRISLY has become a well-known manufacturer of highest-quality traditional teddy bears and soft toys “Handmade in Germany”.

Today we are therefore happy and proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary. This great birthday we celebrate with seven Anniversary-Editions designed by seven differnt designers, including original designs from Erika and Luise Unfricht (the founders of the company).

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